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80 series sub tank


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Oct 3, 2012
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I am going mad and going to kick myself I expect with this but here we go.

I am currently Pricing up making a few sub tanks these are going to be made from 3 mm Ali with a inlet, outlet and breather and return. I will work out a fuel gauge affair.
These will fit in the normal space and hold around 100-120 l they will not come down any lower then the chassis rails and no further towards the rear then the body cross member so you might get a winch in as well not sure yet.

I am going to price them up in batches of 5 as I don't expect to sell hundreds of these.

I hope to have a price for you in the next few days but would like to see if this is going to be worth while or not.

Do you guys want a complete kit to feed into the main tank or price on just the tank itself so you are free to custom your set up?

I can price up pump and filler neck or sort out a aero style filler as the genuine is expensive but would be the best.

Cheers stu
I would be interested in a complete kit
Depending on price I may be interested. As a cost saving exercise, you could join the 2 tanks together?

Also, could you have an option to maybe have a reduced capacity but still maintain the spare wheel on the under Carriage?
Noted David

Dyladams what do you mean join the 2 tanks together. On mine I will have the sub emptying into the main tank via a transfer tank.

I am trying to reduce the cost down so having a simple box made to a size that will fit but get the.Most from a sheet of metal and as little welding as possible.

Perfect ive been thinking of doing the same. All the ones ive looked at hang down to low and Id be scared of smashing it. Like the idea of room for a winch as well.
Let me know
You could have it as a header to the main tank? 1 filler which goes to the sub tank then it empties into the main tank. No transfer pump etc needed. When the sub tank is empty the gauge will start to drop.
Just a box with an inlet and an outlet the size of the filler pipe?
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That's just what I've got Gary, a 60ltr tank that fits where the spare would normally live, saves all that faffing about with extra gauges and pumps and switches. :thumbup:

It actually sits just above where the spare would be.
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I had thought about this but as this one is lower then the chassis i am not sure how it will work? would be a lot easier to do like that and the only cost would be the tank and some pipe. a good pro for that type of set up is that you will not have old fuel in you sub tank if you dont used it all the time.
Some more details and ruff price......
these are going to measure 100cmx495cmx20cm so will hold 99 l of diesel. so will be a nice middle ground compared to the low hanging long range tank and a standard aux tank.
if other people with models please see and let me know if this will fit other series?

I need to have these made in batches of 6 to get the price of around £500-£600 depending on how its attached and what pipe work we go for.

i have looked at a transfer pump that will be around £90-£100 for a pacet one. these will go out at cost.

do people want a fuel gauge added to this as it will just add on to the price.?

please let me know how many would be interested.
I run a 70 series main tank as a sub tank. I have a small pump that pumps diesel from the sub to the main. I use the OEM sub fuel button to activate the pump.
I'll try to take some pictures this weekend or the next.
i would be interested in what you do in the filler neck
sounds good. think a gauge would be useful though not essential. depends on the extra cost. What transfer pump are you looking at?
You can get a kit with gauge and sender unit for 30 so not much to add on.

Been through it a bit more today with the fabricator and will be looking more towards the £500 finished for a bare tank and £1000 for a complete set up with a new Toyota duel filler neck and pacet Fuel pump.