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90 series turbo & cooling upgrade


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Sep 18, 2022
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Well i finally have the chance to say hi
Its great to be here
So thanks for letting me register
I have owned a 90 series prado from new
Currently running a 2” lift from 80,000klm
With rear airbags to help with the jayco swan caravan
I have finally managed to get it going just awesomely for an old bus
A new dump pipe and 3” exhaust certainly made it flow and spool as it should
Next was a do chip and pedal controller
Chip set on 3 originally but always seemed to get a little hot on hills
So 4 years later and a turbo issue due to my you g bloke doing some mud running
I decided to bite the bullet
Stage 2 turbo 3 bar map sensor and water to air intercooler with davies pump not the supplied china version
Tripple core ebay alloy radiator and 10 blade fane
Spaced the radiator 10mm closer to engine to allow more airflow between ac condenser and radiator played with the chip and settled on no#4 as a little sooty down low in 1st & 2nd but pretty clean when into it up hill
No more heat does not get over 1/2 anytime
Beware of some aftermarket radiators they are only 1 core and use an oval type tube but they let the system down on heavy hails or big long hills due to lack of circulation wow what a difference
It has made i am currently only running 14psi
And egt has only got to 430 deg so far before the cooling system upgrade we saw 520 deg a couple of times which is heater on and windows down type stuff so very happy with the outcome
Too many radiators out there are absolute crud aftermarket parts are turning into crud on so many levels so beware


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