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a lot of warning lights

can anyone supply me with part numbers for my alternator and cambelt. I think the 24V and 12V engines are different belts?
met my mechanic by chance this morning,cambelt and japanese alternator are arriving soon.
the 80 makes me smile every time I see it on the drive,hope it's ready for my annual New Years Eve dirt road drive
What a bas***d !
Do you mean the new alternator is not working properly, or symptoms same ?
I'm assuming it's the new alternator, as no point in getting old one fixed until problem sorted ?
At least you should be able to get refund.
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there's a fault somewhere in electrics,probably a thick cable.
the easiest way here is to get the old alternator checked and in the meantime find this fault.
I bought the 80 about 7 years ago and nothing was wrong until now,not bad going.
a lot of grief buying anything from the UK now,customs in Lisbon stops everything for maybe months.
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Have you had another item not work at the same time. I had warning lights when my rear wiper had packed up. I found a faulty earth inside the tail gate. Fixed the earth; working wiper and no more lights.