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A night out at the local mud pit...

Gav Peter

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Mar 1, 2010
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Just to help populate the site a little...

To be fair, I should have know better than to put mine & MUX's off-road cherry in the hands of such a pair of obvious charlatans like Jimbo4x4 & REX...

But I did & we had a great laugh mooching about the local mud pit for half-an-hour or so once the scramblers had left us to it :)

Right up til Jim says 'Right, I'll follow you for a bit now eh?' No backing down from that really is there... :shock:

So off we pop, back to the top of the hill we started from & thats when my decision making lets go... There's two drops off from the top of the hill, Jim had taken us down the LHS route & we'd come back up the RHS so I figure we try & do it in reverse - there's quite a side camber on the RHS of the RHS route so I stay to the LHS of it... Just a little too much... In the dark & we start to climb the banking & slew sideways...

I thought MUX was going over; Jim thought MUX was going over; REX, if he could have, would have th... You get the picture? Instead, I must have floored it & we shot off over a lovely silver birch tree... Drove straight over the darn thing & up it popped behind us, (almost) right as rain!!!

That new front bumper project looks like it might be about to happen quicker than I thought... :oops:



I took the bumper off at the weekend & that is a seriously strong bit of kit with all the curves & shapes in it... Its twisted so much that straightening it is just an impossibility so I've just left it off for now :shock:

Wait til you see tonight's/tomorrow's post with the new 'temporary' bumper in place :roll:
The mounting brackets are made of tin foil but the main bumper section is good solid stuff isn't it :lol: Remind me never to let you test drive my truck :mrgreen:
Bloomin' right it is... To be fair, the brackets survived more or less intact... A wee bit of buckling on one...

Yah, you'd be alright with me at the helm - you drive it like a girl anyway Jon :lol: :lol: ;)

BTW, did anyone ever workout what threads are in the bumpers?? I've tried metric coarse & metric fine & they go no-where??

(Sorry admin, seperate thread coming up ;-))