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Acceleration Issues on 1991 land cruiser


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Nov 28, 2021
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Hey guys, I’ve got a 1991 automatic Land cruiser with a 3 1/2” old man emu that runs great but for some reason it only tops out at about 60-65mph on flat terrain. I never really thought anything of it till recently doing my research and realizing it should at least go 75-80mph. Anyone have any guesses to what the issue could be?

I also had a aftermarket viper alarm system from the early 2000’s but had it taken off because it drained the battery. What simple, lock and unlock, alarm system do y’all recommend.

I had a custom shop look at the vehicle and I’m not sure what they checked, but after trouble shooting for weeks they couldn’t figure it out. I would like to bring the information yall give me forward to them.

Thank you guy.
Hi and welcome. Do you know any history of the car?
how long have you had it?
I'm gonna ask is it a turbo , while thinking big lift means big tyres and perhaps its running 60 series axles so the engine is fine but the gearing limits speed .
@Michael Montgomery we purchased the vehicle in 2015 from a guy in south Louisiana’s who’s son drove it. It had about 160,000k miles. It didn’t seem like it had ever been in extreme off road conditions. Everything was stock when we got it. Even without the lift kit the cruisers top speed was about 60mph

Clive's is a very well maintained non turbo 80 with a lift and 33's .

I have no doubt his mechanics know how to tune the fuel pump to get the most out of his custom 3" exhaust , and its a manual gearbox . But still 130kph downhill on a motorway which is about 80mph .

Maybe yours just needs a good old fashioned Italian tune up , Clive drives his like a getaway car :auto-rally:
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This may sound Daft, But is it Kicking through all the Gears Ok ?........Is it the Standard 4 speed Box..... Not sure if the US Market had O/D on the early 80's