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Accelerator pedal linkages

Ecky Thump

Well-Known Member
Mar 4, 2010
Hi all, a bit of help please with a small issue that I don't want to get any worse.

My pedal has been getting progressively harder to press. It is not major at the moment but I don't want something to break.

I decided to investigate today, so starting at the pedal I checked that and the cable to the cruise control stepper motor.
I went from there along the cable to the linkage affair attached to the inlet manifold. Down to two rod links, one for the gearbox kickdown and the other to the injection pump which is where I stop because I don't want to play with that.
I have oiled all the cables. Oiled or greased all the linkages and I am happy that they are all okay.
The cable for the kickdown is free so the issue must be as a rod goes into the pump.

Any ideas anyone :?: There has been a lot of grit and sand in my engine bay which could be hidden from view :?:
The gearbox throttle position sensor cable (kickdown) can go stiff. I know you said it's free but I'd double tripple check that because changing it is more complicated than you might expect just for a cable ;) and if it's not free along it's whole length they rub and eventually snap. If you disconnect it at the pump and pull it out as far as it'll go does it return freely and does it move smoothly? What does the pedal feel like with it disconnected (don't drive like that).
Roger that one Jon and thank you. I will check that when I get home from work tomorrow.