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Hi Guys and a nice one it is too. Before you all have a fit about this topic
coming up again, let me explain. I bought 5 litres of Millers from Difflock
a while back and have been using it since then at every fill up. I have not
noticed any difference in performance but while measuring the correct amount
of Millers this morning to add to the tank I came across something that got
me thinking. I use a seringe to measure the correct amount to be added, you
know the type like the doctors use to inject you with an additive to help
you run better when you are ill. The basic type with the plundger and a
little black rubber at the bottom of this to keep the vacum in there. Well I
hear you say what is he going on about. Its this when I was pulling the
plundger up the rubber bit came off, I retrieved it and found that it ( the
rubber bit) was very soft and spongy like to toutch and was also very
flexable. Bing a light went on geese this stuff could work after all because
the rubber bit should as you all know be more firm and have very little give
in it well not any more. So now here it comes, I was thinking of doing a
little test of my own but will not be writing a long paper on it because it
may not work. If I use two containers, one with 5 litres of Diesel in it and
5 ml of Millers as per recomended dulution, and one container with one litre
of Diesel. I would use 5 litres of the Diesel in one just because its too
difficult to measure out 1ml of Millers for one litre so five is easier to
achieve. Then into each one place a piece of identical rubber and see what
happens to it. Because the Millers is to lubricate the pump is it not and to
achieve this it is mixed with the Diesel and goes through the pump. The only
thing is I do not know what the Diesel comes incontact with in the pump so
please let me know and also what you think of this idea. Its just when I saw
what the pure Millers did to the rubber piece in the seringe it got me
John C
92HDJ 80 !HDT Ireland