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advice please



Hi Jeff
Geese thats something like what I would do. My take on this is that the engine will only take coolant from this bottle as it needs it. Did you realise before you drove it or shortly afterwards. If you did not drive none of it would have gone any where at all. Just empty the bottle out and refill with the normal coolant you use. Once the hose was disconnected the only thing that could happen would be the engine getting hot and thats very unlikely because its only a small store compared to the 12 litres or so of coolant thats in the engine.
John C
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From: jeff watts
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Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 7:39 PM
Subject: [ELCO] advice please
ok so ive had a long day!! but half way down the M1 i ran out of windsceen washser and bought some ready made from the services..and proceeded to top up the white pastic radiator expansion container, the one on the left of the actula radiator (as i said ive had a long day!) when i relaised i took the top palstic top of the expansion container and removed the down tube (the one that actually sits in the coolant)I then drove home watching the temperature gauge very closely, and it didnt move from the centre pisition.
Question..can just drain the expansion container of widescreen washer or should i drain the whole system of coolant and refill.. the washerliquid by the way appears to be a mixture of meths and water
happy new year everyone
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Morning Jeff,
Don't worry about it. Just pull out the overflow container (it should
only be clipped in - just pull upwards) and empty it out and flush it
and then refill with a mix of water and anti-freeze. With the
temperatures we have had recently I think putting some antifreeze in
there is important.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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