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Air Suspension Compressor - Rebuild/reconditioning services?


Sep 7, 2021
Hi all,

Been away for a while as my Land Cruiser has just been sat there on the drive doing nothing. A ride height sensor failed in November and I lost all care for the car to be bothered fixing it. Plus money was/still is tight.

So I’ve had the ride height sensor fixed, and the burst air bag done, took it for a drive and it was bouncing up and down like a bride on her wedding night. Bought a pair of genuine Toyota shocks and went to fit them this weekend, but the car won’t raise itself. Techstream has returned the C1751 code which relates to the air compressor.

Does anyone know of anyone who rebuilds them? Or sells a kit to fix them? Or has a cheap one? I’m loathe to spend any more on it to be honest.
Can remember their name but they are highly recommended as they do the brake booster motor rebuild amongst other stuff Starcruiser knows them and recommends them and you can't get higher praise than that somebody will have their name and point you in the right direction
Cheers guys. I've bought a generic one for the moment but will get the current one reconditioned. At least then if it goes wrong then I can swap them without too much of a problem.

Anything to get the bloody shock absorbers on this thing and to get it back on the road!