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Allisport intercooler interest

Michael Montgomery

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Feb 17, 2012
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Hi guys been interested in a intercooler for my 1-hdt 80 for sometime and after the engine rebuild feels a good time to splash out on some extra ponies.

Spoke to Andrew at Allisport about club discounts & or group buys. It's a pricy bit of kit from a few years ago they only were around £700 but now fetch £825+ delivery and VAT. A cry short of £990 plus delivery total.

A batch of 5 if 4 others are interested with me brings a slight discount from retail.
This being £750 + VAT (£900) plus delivery.

I'm hoping we can get delivery included in this price if 4 others show interest.

In total were looking at a saving of around £100.

Thanks for reading fac82cd5f19cdb94e92e743e560a0940.jpg0a3c00822dd0912b0d81753c09d800ea.jpg3afd46c9e92e4d487d9db1fd47469ed1.jpg
A complete kit would normally retail at £825+ delivery and vat, how about we say a batch of 5 at £750 + vat and delivery each?

We have a choice of blue, black or red hoses.

Best regards,
Andrew Graham

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Have you looked at the west coast 4x4 ones. I am looking at getting one of them.
I have heard of west coast 4x4 from before & after looking again now can only see a intercooler radiator for a 100 series alone costing £612 without piping sold separately at a few hundred pounds also with possibility VAT ?

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Probably best to give them a call. When I spoke to them it worked out alot cheaper.
Contacted Paul at west coast 4x4 and awaiting details for the kit they offer.
He was in the middle of fitting a kit for a 24v 80 series and would forward pictures shortly.
He mentioned which was quite interesting that they no longer use Allisport intercooler as they were not performing as well as desired with problems in the past. They now use a company in France.

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Yeah thats what he told me. Really nice chap. This will be the next mod ill be doing as well
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I have the intercooler offered by West Coast fitted to my 80. I am very happy with it, nice well mad bit of kit. I will get some pictures posted up for you to see


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Hi Tommy that would be great to have some details as I haven't heard back so far from Paul.
I'm waiting for price too can I ask what you paid & if you fired it yourself?

Thanks [emoji4]

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