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An ode to a de-mothballed Cruiser.....



Well Lads
Its been 4 months since I took the Cruiser out of a container and
parked it in my shed.
To be honest I'd completly overdosed on it and was glad to moth ball
it for a while.
So last night I took my old lover down the road for a warm up!
With batteries trickle charged over the weekend, she started up first
go with only a smokers cough. Through the whine of the diffs and the
blinding lights of the gear box warning lights, she took off and left
me holding onto the steering wheel like Biddy O'Grady does a housed
bullock on its first day out in the field! - With a wing and a prayer.
Swinging to cope with the wild steering play, I tamed the beast and
she ran straight and true!
Hissing with steam from the deep blue pot-holes and with mud down her
flanks, she roared up the drive and shuddered to a halt.......
Needless to say it was an old love re-kindled
So its off to work we go
Time now for a change in Spec from Overland Long Range to Weekend Warrior
The basics are there but we'll see what needs to be done to make it
ready for exploring the west of Ireland as opposed to East Africa.
Anyway, I've missed the banter with you guys and I hope that like the
old cruiser girl - you'll welcome me back into the often rickety, to
be sure - not so pretty, land of ELCO
1995 HDJ81 - Amach San Afrik


Welcome Back to the fold Niall
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