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Anyone have oil leak from this intercooler to turbo hose?


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May 28, 2014
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As in pic, recently replaced my turbo, the oil leaked into the intercooler when the turbo failed, I drained the oil out of the intercooler just by gravity, left it to sit etc,,

However, I am getting oil dropping onto the ground as have my undertrays off and it's coming from that hose pictured. I haven't used this cruiser much since replacing the turbo as was doing a lot of other rust fabrication work on it and I'm thinking it might just need to be driven to burn off the oil in the intercooler, could that make sense?

Or should I remove the intercooler again and see if I can drain more oil out of it?

Or is there another issue that I don't know about that could be causing the oil to leak here?

Did you flush the IC out with a solvent of some sort? If not I'd be inclined to do that rather than just let it drain.
Stating the obvious here, which you may well have done, are the clips tight on the hose shown/hose not split/cracked, especially around the back where you can't see ?
If there is oil seepage there, then something is loose/leaking ?
Yeah, the clamps are tight, I had nipped them up another bit to see if made difference prior to posting and it didn't. I didn't use a solvent to flush the intercooler originally, I just let the oil drain and spray cleaned it with brake cleaner.

I took the intercooler off again there on Sunday and flushed diesel through it this time, there was no pool of oil from it when i removed it. Shook it about with diesel in it and go some oil diesel out but wasn't too bad, hopefully it was burning off in the few drives I had given it and so wasn't much left to leak out.

I'll find out the weekend when I drive it again and check under after it sits
I fitted a oil catch-a-can. It filters the oil vapour from the rocker cover breather pipe and drains the oil back through a 10mm soft copper T'd into the dip stick pipe.
Normally this oil vapour goes into the intercooler and intake manifold to be burnt through combustion or gum up your intake with sooty crud!!