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Anyone up for field maintenance for overlanding course?

Who would attend if on 21st

  • Me, Day only please

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  • Me, Weekend Camping, two day course

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  • Can't make this one but definitely up for another course

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Mar 15, 2010
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I’ve been chatting to Greg at Land Cruisers Overland and he is close to launching a field maintenance course. Bush mechanics courses are rare as hen’s teeth so this nice thing about this course is that it will be Toyo-centric rather than the usual Rand Lover courses [it could be opened up to increase demand but i don't think that is the initial plan].

Course could include:
Daily checks when overlanding and what should be a weekly check.
What is a realistic tool kit and spares package when travelling and the basics that can be done without to much grief in the field.
Replacing a shock or spring, fixing punctures and repairing a tube, change a radiator hose, tighten / replace a wheel bearing etc.
Fault diagnosis
The course could also include some of the tricks to get you out the sh*t in more serious situations, such removing the drive from a broken diff or axle, temp welding using truck batteries, and generally improvising what you have.

Should it be a weekend with camping overnight just a day – camping would potentially be on-site at a pay-any-play site or similar. A weekend allows more areas to be covered and more sharing of experiences. If a two day course there could be an opportunity to set time aside to drive the tracks. This may appeal to some although you can pay-and-play most weekends. The two days could comprise the maintenance followed by a bit more offroading round the wood followed by a decent BBQ in the evening and a night drive. Breakfast in the morning followed by a follow up to anything people want to go over again.

The first one could be on August 21st if there is enough interest. It will be in the South East.

What level should the course be pitched at?
Mechanical novice [basic course]
More advanced techniques [advanced mechanical knowledge]
Please reply with your preference - I'm for basic course. Advanced mechanics may be happy driving the trails while an intro session took place.

I think Greg would appreciate the feedback as he wants to training to suit what people want to get out of it. Obviously, there is a cost involved but I from what I've seen of Greg's recovery courses, he keeps them competitive. However, I'm sure to sort the venue etc, Greg would need people to pay up promptly. I wanted to see the wider interest [I'm not linked to it] as i think there will be good demand for it. Poll ends a week before event.
I am keen.

Basic course.
Me too - but what vehicle is it aimed at? Petrol vs diesel, 4.7V8 vs 4.5efi vs 4.2NA vs 4.2TD vs KZ-TE vs D-4D? And 100 vs 80 vs 120 vs 90 ... All are different - quite markedly really, so will be fairly difficult to find a lowest common denominator? Especially if he's goes past the "here's the dip-stick, here's the filler cap, here's the oil and air filter, here's the rear spring, etc." basics, which I assume he will do ...

I like the idea though ... :clap: :clap:

Thanks for the feedback and interest that you have all shown in this. We will be running the first of these for definate on the 21st of this month. Truck wise we will take in an 80 series and a 90 series, that the work can be done on so as people are not pulling their own trucks apart. Unless you want to of course. :lol:
Course content can be somewhat customer driven but we will be covering the things that are likely to get people stuck, ie change a spring /a shock /a wheel bearing. Remove drive from a broken axle / diff. Repair a puncture & change a tyre. We will also deal with the cv's on the trucks and show how straight forward it is to replace one, even on the road. Added to that we will go over some basic daily and weekly checks to make and some simple proceedures to help prevent small problems becoming major ones.
We will run the course over the whole weekend as for us the camping is the bonus. We will provide a drinks, a bbq and breakfast, so bring your own snacks . Price wise we are looking at £185 p/person for the whole weekend inclusive of tuition camping and food, or if people want to just come for the day then £150 p/person.
Entry into the wood is for 10 am on the Saturday and exit is for 3 pm on the Sunday...
For all that want to book up then please contact us. Details are on our website.
Many Thanks
Damn - can't make this but am very keen for one in future ... with a 120 to play on (and happy to 'donate' mine as long as it survives :cool: )
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Also keen for another date. Also happy to donate a 120 (are leaky injectors something that is covered? :lol: ) for a demo.
I would be interested in this but won't be able to make the 21st
I would like to come to this. Can you please post a link to the booking form?
I'll be there.

Looking forward to it.

For all you guys that are interested in the Field Mechanics course 21st August we are experiencing difficulties on our website and the booking form is not accessible.
So for details go to the Trips and Tours page and then email us to confirm and we will email booking form by return.
Thankyou for your patience.
Just to let you know for everyone who cannot make this date we will be running this course on a regular basis. All dates will be posted well in advance, along with the booking form :doh: .
Greg said:
Just to let you know for everyone who cannot make this date we will be running this course on a regular basis.quote]
Excellent news Greg - I'll be on one of the 'future' courses :D
Just noticed there's another listed on his website here...

Not sure if I can make this one but may be of interest to someone..
I would be interested but would be keen if there was a hundred aswell and not only an 80.

Perhaps we couldlook at doing this again with a group off this site at a time that suits all for a weekend or a day as it would be great to do it in spring or summer???

Anyone else keen?