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AT overheating - no problems reported



An addendum - didn't read your "PS"! (sorry)
Nup, gets a bit warm but no more then usual - perhaps I'm easier on l'beast
than others on theirs - had a problem with the Power Steering once, back in
2004 in the Mountains in Italy and France, but nothing since, I temporary
rectified that problem (toyo garage got an earful from they put way
too much fluid in the PS container and the fluid didn't have the chance to
expand, so it blew its top, literally...initially fixed it with a plastic
bag and a laggy band...I had to go all the way to Bath when I returned to
the UK to get a new cap...methinks toyo were taking the p**s) for the cost
of it! Steering wobble was seriously bad at 50-60 miles per hour but okay
at 65 to 70 onwards, and the fluid kept overheating under pressure. Its
okay now.
Its ironic how, when things go bad its usually in Europe - thankfully, and
hopefully not in Nord Afrique - I had to take an enforced stopover in
Austria once - it cost me over 149 euros for said part (front driver brake
hose) and about 60 euros for 1 x night's B&B! so I had to take the long
road back through France so I didn't have to pay any tolls!
Hey, you live and learn!
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Thanks for the fuel info and advise. Lessons all learned the hard way!
I've fed the info into my spreadsheet.
Have the LRFT (without secondary protection) and will carry a few
jerries. Intend to carry these in the vehicle and have a few ideas on
how they'll be secured. Roof rack intended for tent and light recovery
gear only.
Sod all this no booze business - I'm considering swapping out my LRFT
for a LRBT - B meaning beer.
Logisticsa and pplanning - yes lots to do.
Haven't looked into navigation yet - but have a compas & heading south
Good luck for now
PS - Any problems with your AT overheating?