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Australian 4wd action review


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Mar 12, 2010
Just back from Oz, and got a bit of positive news on the 150 for those who would like to know. It came in for a bit of a bashing when first released here,some now saying its a "soft roader". So here is bits of a review from 4wd action magazine which put the 150 against the 95 and 120.

Toyota developed it over 100000km of aussie roads,70% unsealed .
The D4D although bigger and heavier than 120 uses 12% less fuel per 100km.
Ground clearance has improved from 205mm to 220mm.The track increased by 30mm improves handling. The suspension really sets the 150 apart from the 120,and especially the 95.

Unlike may new 4x4s the 150 doesnt fall short off road.The traction,stability and braking electronics are all calibrated for off road use and work faultlessly.In mud the 150s highway tyres with clever electronics getting us through.With more off road focussed rubber the 150 is going to be simply awersome.
All bash plates and under guards are metal.
Moving onto sand the 150 made mincemeat of the 120.The traction control left no doubt that technology has made huge differences in the 150s abilities. It was completely unfazed by the sand.

There is a lot to be impressed by the new 150, a significant improvement over the 120. Unless the 150 has some reliability surprises(unlikely)it will continue to hold good resale values. The test vehicle was a GXL, like LC4, it has fantastic off road performance,the combination of clearence,suspension travel,and traction control systems make it a great choice for touring and off road work.
The thing is that all the 150 models only need good off road rubber to be out performing a whole range of modified vehicles. How often can you say that about a brand new 4wd!!
If you are planning to buy a new 150,you wont be disappointed.

So that is what the top selling 4wd magin Oz thinks.

Thought a few might be interested.

Thanks Tony,

One day when I can afford one....

Was there any mention of Gary's dream V6 Landcruiser 150?
Hi, the only V6 mention is the petrol, which has a 13% increase in power and 11% torque, and you really feel the difference. Considering increase in size,our diesel seems much swifter than our 120 too.
Its the first 4wd that i now try to find an excuse to drive!! :D