AWDC Non damaging Familiy Vehicle Trials



Don't just watch, go ahead and take part - you'll enjoy it. I've done quite
a few AWDC FVT trials in my 80 series (with a 2" lift) and never sustained
any damage. It is, as you say, a great way to improve your off road driving
skills and whilst it encourages you to tackle obstacles you might otherwise
go around, you won't be pushed in to trying anything you're really not happy
about. If you let some other drivers go first you'll soon see the best way
to tackle each section.
All the best,
1990 HDJ80 UK
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Hello Everyone,
AWDC non damaging Family Vehicle Trial is on this
Saturday in Godsell Farm, Wiltshire. I will be there
as a spectator. I am thinking of getting involve in
trials. Can gain good offroad driving skills (slow as
possible, fast as necessary) through trials.
If any one interested please come along.
For direction:
ST989777 is the grid reference. You need to find the
site, it is at the rear of RAF Lyneham airfield.
For AWDC events/trials please visit: Page?OpenForm
1990 2.4TD LJ70
Basingstoke, UK
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Hi Sripad,
'F and R diff locks on your 80 series helped in trials?'
Well, yes, on the odd occasion. But accurate vehicle positioning, picking
the right line, and maintaining just the right amount of momentum are much
more important factors.
On most sites tyre pressures make a big difference as well.
Have fun on Saturday.
1990 HDJ80 UK
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