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Axle / Diff Breather and Hub Seals


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Jan 20, 2021
As I mentioned in elsewhere, my "almost-a-Colorado" has some oil misting around one of the rear wheels, which I think is a weeping hub seal, rather than brake cylinder. Also, it came with a new Toyota hub seal in amongst the folder of receipts etc. which points to someone else having made the same conclusion.

Anyway, this avvy, I embarked on the business of giving all of the underside a damned good going over with the wire brush, prior to Vactan-ing and painting. And, since I started with the rear axle, a query?....

Am I correct in thinking that one of the possible causes of a weeping hub seal can be pressure build-up in the axle/diff due to the breather being blocked? And, if that is the case, where would the breather be and how do you test whether it's blocked or not?

I spotted this likely candidate while brushing round the rear diff housing. But, when I had a feel round it, it just felt like all metal rather than having a breather valve of some kind. So I'm assuming that isn't it... unless it's so clogged solid, it just feels like an solid lump of metal.

That is the breather, I'm sure the outer thimble looking bit should be loose to the rest of it.
When I extended mine I just stuck that bit back on the end of the extended pipe
I changed mine. It rusted up and fell apart. It unscrewed easy and the new one is loose as fbnss says. See photo
They are on Ebay as well for £11


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The best way to check that is to chuck it in the bin! but the good news is that with the exception of a bulb those breathers are just about the cheapest part you’ll ever buy for a Landcruiser! your front diff has one as well so hang the expense and order two!
EBay as Buller mentioned or Roughtrax, they had them in stock when I bought two last year.
It might not stop the weep on your hub seal but it’s a good place to start!
It’s says …..


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Cheers all. Whatever was on there was so filled with crud and/or seized that it didn't feel like a moving part at all. So I'll get a couple ordered while I'm still numb from the shock of ordering my new OEM LBJs from Partsouq: $300+ including postage.... and that's before the customs and DHL take their pound of flesh.
Agree with others, definitely shagged if it's like that!
My 120 one was partially seized, but after a few days of applications with plus gas, managed to free it, and the new one is still on the garage bench.
I extended all my breathers high enough to not bother with the valves. If I end up in water deep enough to swamp the breathers I've got far more important things to worry about!:laughing-rolling: