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Been a 49 year FJ40 guy here in the US


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May 13, 2022
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I have been a member for several months and enjoy reading about the escapades of any Land Cruiser people.n I do know it is a special breed who keep this kind of dedication to a fun truck. My 1974 FJ40 was purchased new by me in 1974 and I paid about $4400.00 US with the optional Warn Hubs. Life gets you as you all know and family demands keep you from some of the most loved activities. I have had 7 FJ4x’s in the last 49 years and currently have my 1975FJ40 and 2 FJ45’s. One is a 1985 and fully restored and the 1979 is from the Middle East. Did a bunch of driving safety improvements in the last month so, it’s almost ready to put on the road.

Here in the New England area there are several Land Cruisers but out in the Midwest, west and southwest, there are many many more. Here are o few pictures of my Land Cruisers. At my age now, it is tiring to put in hours and hours but, I’ll get a lot done before I have to put it all away.

Hello, That’s a great collection of FJ’s. my understanding is the NE is tough on cars with heavy salted roads etc so you do well to keep them so clean.

Thanks for sharing, I can only dream if ever owning a Forty!
Thank you… these will never see bad weather or snow, I learned that lesson in 1979, my 1974 brand new FJ40 was exposed to the salt of the Vermont winters..salt plus.

by 1981, orrosion was every
Ah yes I have a friend in Vermont and she spends half her life fighting rust on her FJ Cruiser.