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Big End Bearings and injectors



I have no experience of running in cars as my TLC was 6 months old when
I got her and had 12,000 on the clock. However, when we bought the new
saab the dealer told my wife that new cars have no need to be run in as
they are so well made now. What a load of ....! I think you did the
right thing John by running her in properly.
Anyway my 94 with just under 170k uses 2 ltrs of oil between oil changes
(5k)and I assume that this is because I flog her hard on the motorways.
However hard you drive it 6 ltrs sounds like a lot of oil!
Latest on injectors is that no.4 is leaking from the joint between the
injector body and the needle assembly. Not evident on idle but once
running it starts to run down the block. They are taking in the car
next week and sending them all back up to be re done at their expense.
According to my man he has never had an injector leak once re installed!
All the best

Simon Hughes
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Mobile: 07973 288061
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