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Birfields and injectors and suspension



Hi Chris

Thanks for looking into your birfields. I am no expert but I think that as long as I do not stress them playing off road they should be ok for a bit longer. I am kicking myself as when I replaced the oil seals last year I did think that they looked worn and clicked when cleaned of grease?? Should have done it then but as I was not hearing anything from them assumed they were ok. Once repacked and replaced they started to knock so I am either rubbish at wrenching and messed them up or it was just waiting to happen?? Who knows. I think it should be 3 to 4 hours each side provided I crack the disassembly of the birfileds. Everyone swears by the scaffolding pole trick so will be out there looking for one to "borrow". All the bits have arrived from milners and I am waiting for a good day to begin!

At the same time will replace the front pads and re-bleed the brakes as after mr Toy played with the car last year it has not been right. I have one of those pressurised systems you clamp to the reservoir and once up to pressure it makes it really easy to do the whole car in one go. No pumping pedals etc and the last time there was a lovely brown gunge that comes out as you work your way round the car!! The disks have a small 1 mm lip on the edge and I was thinking I would grind this off before replacing the pads. Is this the right thing to do?

Injectors are working as they should do. Idle is still lumpy from cold but everything else is fine. Will eventually order the Walbro to sort out the "uphill" issues till then just park downhill!!!

Have now done the suspension and its great. OME Springs seem solid and well suited to the weight of the car, however the shocks seem to not quite contain the hop and sway of the car as I expected. Anyway they are new and will take time to bed in. They have a lifetime warranty so long as I own the car and compared to the originals elastic bands would be an improvement. For info the ride height is increased by 2 cm on the front and is 1 cm down on the rear so the car now looks more level when unladen. The springs compress less when loaded so car feels more stable. I put the longer spring on the drivers side and it makes no diff to how it looks. Time will tell.

Chris glad to hear that the tooth was nothing serious.

All the best



Hi Simon,
It will make putting the pads back on easier, and also make it easier
if fitting 100 series pads on the front.
However - the lip is an indication that the disks are wearing and with
a 1mm lip I wouldn't be surprised if they are getting pretty worn and
due for replacement.
Julian Voelcker
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