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bolts, steering box ????



Hi Guys
I was in Toyota yesterday and I was after the front caliper bolts for both
sides of the cruiser.
An easy thing you may say well its turned out not to be.
I asked, he looked, he shook his head, I asked again and so on and on.
He told me there were no bolts in the front calipers just pins.
Now I know there are bolts there but when he showed me his parts screen I
could not find them, ah I hate when that happens.
I had to walk away as he said he could not order items which where not there
and had no part numbers.
Ah Ha I said to myself it may be first round to you boy but ill be back.
So could someone tell me the part number for the front caliper bolts please
so i can win the second round.
Also I have been looking at stopping the leak of my steering fluid.
The leak is coming from the metal thingy just under the air filter unit.
Im calling it that because after enquiring from several places I now dont
know what is what.
Is this the steering box or pump,
are they both together and in the same place,
do you need to replace the rack if you have a leak,
does the rack go into the steering box or pump,
will a seal kit usually fix the leak or am I hoping against hope,
is it more likely that i need a unit be it steering box or pump,
do you usually replace the box and the pump and the rack.
Hi John,
Are you referring to the two bolts holding the caliper onto knuckle housing
- if so these are part number 90101-12144 - there are two on each side.
There are also four bolts that hold the two halves of the caliper together,
hower these do not appear to be on the EPC, I guess they just expect you to
exchange the caliper for a new one.
In the Haynes manual they show you how to undo the four bolts and split the
caliper in order to replace the seals. In the factory manual they show you
how to do it without sperating the two halves of the caliper.
The 80s don't have a steering rack, they have a steering box which is what
you are looking at and a power steering pump which is bolted in to the front
of the engine.
Depending on the cause of the leak a seal kit should resolve it, however is
the casing is cracked or something like that the box will either need to be
repaired or replaced.
Have a search through the 80 series archives at for
steering box and see what sort of problems others have had and then make a
judgement call.
Personally I would pull the existing one and then strip it down to see what
the problem is, unless feeling flush when I would consider replacing it with
a reconditioned one - it really depends on the extent of the leak and amount
of play in the box.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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