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Bonus on Tesco insurance



I know that I am not the only member who insures with Tesco - they have no
problem with Jap imports and they are well priced.
I got my renewal reminder last week and have not yet made my renewal
payment. But when in the store the other day, at the checkout I was offered
a coupon proclaiming '50 quid cashback'. I declined and said I already had
Tesco insurance - these offers are always for new customers.
The immediate reply was that existing customers benefit too.
So in essence, if you take out new insurance by 15th July, you get a 50
quid cheque, and if you renew existing insurance you also get a 50 quid
cheque. So its not even worth me looking around to see if I can do better
with another insurer. I like Tesco :o))
Thought some would like to know.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts. Having to listen to the Lions test commentary - no Sky
dish on the boat dammit.