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BP Ultimate - again !



This subject may have been flogged to death already, but perhaps here's an
interesting addition. I recently did quite well with this stuff when I
towed my trailer up to Lincoln and back (unfortunately with the Pajero).
Consumption was the same as without towing, so I guess that I gained about
2mpg, the amount by which consumption would have risen when towing usually.
As always I had Miller's additive in the tank too.
I picked-up a BP leaflet about this fuel and it emphasises a cleaner burn
giving extra power - hence better mpg - quieter engine, lower emissions,
cleaner fuel system and injectors. There was nothing about injector pump
So I rang the 0800 enquiry number on the leaflet and spoke to a well
briefed BP person. I asked for confirmation of all the benefits of the fuel
and was told all that is on the leaflet. I did not ask any leading
questions and in the conversation twice asked if there were any more
benefits from the fuel, with the answer 'no'.
It was then that I asked if there was any claim for better pump
lubrication. The reply was 'no' again. I was told that the fuel was
designed for 'today's modern diesel engine'. I was also told that as I used
an older engine designed before low sulphur fuel, if I was happy using a
fuel pump lubricating additive then I should continue to do so even though
I may be using BP ultimate with all the other publicised benefits.
So this old Luddite will continue using the Miller's for the sake of the
injector pump in both my ageing Japanese diesels !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.