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(brakes) ( tech) (80) Chat and London Today.




Hey Mik none taken and never could be mistaken for any thing else other than
slaging which as you know we the Irish are always doing all the time to
each other its great to have some one else slag me with my own comments, i
get bored slaging myself sometimes, so keep up the good work you will be
asimilated. Aroof you say we would need a few oars and row the blebing
country down south around the coast of Spain would be nice. Actually when we
go to France every year we as usual always meet up with the Brits and have a
great time and its only when we the family get going slaging that we realise
that maybe just maybe its an Irish thing, I could be wrong there. Listen
Mik I arrived bach to this kip on Saturday drove through a storm to get here
and it has rained every day since then. I want to go bak to France please.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland