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Burning veggies instead of dinosaurs



Morning Reno,
I run 100% biodiesel most of the time in my 80, OK it isn't necessarily
vege oil, but it is reprocessed veg oil.
Jon Wildsmith runs his with clean veg oil and could probably advise
more on that side.
I, like you have noticed performance improvements, however I also get
slightly worse consumption - it really depends on the batch - the chap
I get it from is struggling with inconsistent veg oil supply.
As for the cold, he recommends bunging in a can of parafin, but I've
not tried it.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift


They seem to be fine on it, a bit of run on when switching off if you're
above 50% or so but I expect the fuel solenoid takes a little longer to
close with the thicker veg oil. Mixed with some petrol instead of diesel
solves that problem for us.
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Hey guys (we seem to all be males),
During summers, I ran my last car (Benz 300D w124) on 90+% colza oil
(called canola in the US). No problems to report except a lopey idle on
cold start. Top speed went up by about 5mph! But then the Bosch inline
pump in older Benzes is famous for pumping any fuel without complaints.
Are our Toyota injection pumps as care-free and robust?
I'd like to do the same with my HDJ80. So far, it's a tad cold here in
Yurrup, so I'm only running about 15%. Veggie oil waxes up easily in
cold temps. It's only been about a week now, but the 80 still fires up
in 500 millisecs and runs fine.
Let me take a few lines to talk about why anybody who is outwardly a
sane man and head of a large family would want to burn veggie oil
instead of diesel:
1) It's cheaper (at least here in over-taxed Europe)
2) It pollutes less (as measured by French magazine AutoPlus)
3) It smells good (no kidding, my exhaust smells like a DonerKebab
4) Check out or
So, does anybody have any wisdom to impart about running a 1HD-T on
veggie oil? BTDT? If not, I'll be the canary in the coal mine for
y'all become come summer I'll be ramping up to 90+% again.
Ceferino "Reno" Lamb
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