Hi Guys
Just wondering if anyone knows the difference between the earlier and later
brake discs, and are all four calipers slightly larger than the previous
ones.Its just I may have a chance to buy the later ones but want to be sure
to be sure.
john 92HDJ80 1HDT
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Hi John,
How are things over the pond?
The callipers were changed in the re-modelling in August 1992. Bigger
front and rear disks were fitted.
On the front they used different callipers with longer 'legs' on them
so they would accommodate the larger disks, but apart from that as far
as I can remember they are basicallythe same sized calliper with the
same pistons, seal kits and pads - the main advantage being larger
disks that were able to dissipate the heat better.
The rear callipers are the same pre and post change - what they did do
was to change the rear backing plate which moved the bolt holes for the
calliper further out from the centre to accomodate the larger disks and
the backing plate also accomdates larger hand brake shoes to fit within
the larger disk.
If you have a pre 8/92 and want to upgrade the brakes you will need the
front callipers, bigger disks and dust shield for the front and on the
back you will need just the backing plate with all the handbrake
gubbins, dust shield and the larger disk.
Buying the parts new from Toyota is rediculous - the dust shields alone
are something like ?70 for the front and ?350 ish for the rear - god
know why bearing in mind they are just pieces of pressed steel.
So, if you want to do the upgrade it is best to look for the parts from
a scrappy - I deal with a couple that specialise in LCs so should be
able to help out.
One other thing to remember is that the 15" wheels on the pre 8/92
models won't fit over the larger disk/calliper combination, although I
believe that you may be able to grind back part of the front calliper
to get them to fit.
Julian Voelcker
0845 508 6863
Ledbury, Herefordshire. UK
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift and a few goodies.


Hey Julian
Thanks for the reply.
Do I have to get the hand brake bits or can I leave as is or is the drum
slightly larger than the pre 92.
Could I be confident that all the bits would be intact for the handbrake if
it is indeed needed or is it a lot of fiddly bits.
john92hdj80 1hdt
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