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Changed height control sensors 120 series


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Jun 29, 2023
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Hello, maybe someone can suggest what to check next..

To begin with my suspension was to high. In normal mode the rear end was so high that hooking up a trailer or a camper was just silly.. When I selected Low it was Too Low. High setting was just ridiculous. That being said, the suspension was adjusting as it should, in other words it would keep the same ride height with or without load. It was just too high in Normal mode.

Went to Toyota, and they told me both sensors needed to be replaced. The price they quoted was astronomical!! Im surprised that they are not embarrassed.

Anyway, I got new sensors from e-bay. Replaced the old ones which actually were in very bad shape. One of them was completely stuck.
So what happens now, the ride height is better, may need some more adjusting. But the ride height does not hold over time. After driving or being parked for a while, the suspension seeps down, it does not automatically adjust up again either. It just indicates that it is in Normal mode although is is way to low and rough riding. I can select High mode, and the compressor fires up and lifts it again, and then select Normal and it lowers down to aprox normal level.
I obviously dont want to be doing this every time Im going for a drive ;)

Any suggestions what could be causing this? Is it possible that the left and right sensors are too far apart with regards to adjustment and not cooperating properly?
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I completely see your point, however is it not strange that the leaking starts after changing only the sensors? This was not a problem before. No seeping only that the ride hight was off the scale. I will check with soap-water but do you know if it’s the compressor that both adds and releases air to/from the airbags? It would seem natural that this would happen from a signal from the sensors somehow.. but I’m only speculating now..
If anyone has input please don’t hesitate ;)
What I’ve done now is to run the suspension to High. Put supports under the frame (two jacks) to level everything.
Made test harness as described in the manual. Unplugged the sensors and adjusted them with the test harness and volt meter to 2.9v. After adjusting both sensors were identical.
Plugged in the sensors, removed jacks and started the car (in High mode)
The compressor started and ran just a little bit.
Placed the control in Normal, the car sank down to a rest. Both sides are within 1/2cm
Went for a test drive. Drove for 30min. Everything seems to work.
Parked the car and will wait a couple of hrs to see if it holds..
crossing my fingers
I don’t know if the previous problem was that the sensors were off or just adjusted to low..
Just for info, the suspension is holding (not seeping anymore) and everything seems to work as it should.
Does anyone have the standard height measurements (H-N-L) for the 120
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