Chassis rails



Hi Alan,
as it's my old vehicle you're driving i can promise you the taper in is not
from any damage! In seriousness i have somewhere a chassis diagram somewhere
on PDF for you that may help in designing a cradle. If i can find it i will
send it to you.
Also... if it helps.... I met with a chap whose name if i remember correctly
was Matt Cook from Devon 4x4. At the time Amanda and I were still
considering using the little LCII for our travels and spoke to him about a
winch cradle. He said that he could build one in a day for us and keep the
original bumber so that it would be discreet. So if you want a little help
I'd suggest talking with him from Devon 4x4.
Finally mate, in clearing out my garage i came across somethign i didn't
know I had - a steering damper for the LCII. It's brand new and free to you
if you want it and are willing to pay for postage from me to you. Let me
Al Hunter
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