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Chat - Do you fancy a day out



Hi James
Nice to know there is a 4x4 adventure co nearer to me here in Bristol than
Wiltshire - would love to attend one day but sadly, cruiser caught a
glancing blow from a lightning bolt so the electrics are scuppered - so
won't be going anywhere for the foreseeable - can't even open the doors to
put the bonnet up! huh! good to start the new year in a good light...not!
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Sent: 14 January 2008 20:00
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Subject: [ELCO] Do you fancy a day out
Has anyone come across a company called 4x4 adventures in Taunton. I did a
"drive round day" with them just before Christmas and had a great time- It's
the second one I've done (both in the LC80) and have thoroughly enjoyed both
of them- non damaging and good day out.
Website and a full write up
of the day (which I have only just found is )
Just thought I'd mention them in case anyone else in the south fancied a
day out.