Coolant Lost/Heater Hose



Rear Heater Pipes need 1/2" Hose. Got the repair done today. I cut the
pipes on the vertical from the engine bay and used hose from there to the
pipes as they enter the floor beneath the rear heater blower(approx 3 feet)
I suggest everyone with 80 with Rear Heater (especially FZJ80) checks these
pipes as mine were corroded in several places, and I checked on the Ih8mud
forum and it's not uncommon for these pipes to corrode above the
heatshield. It would have only taken a pebble to pierce mine (I did it with
a finger) out on the road and I would have been trouble. Tested with
water tonight no leaks so far. I'll get anti-freeze back- in tomorrow as
the as the -1 to possible -4 in the weather forecast I just watched tonight
is a bit scary.


Hi Mark
Any special type of pipe needed for this repair.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT


Hi John, The feed and the return pipes to the Rear Heater are metal with
about 6+ inches of rubber hosepipe joining the front and rear sections and
another 6 inch of rubber hosepipe at the end where it connects to the 2
pipes coming out of the floor directly beneath the blower motor under the
drivers seat. The metal pipe sections do several 90 degree turns on their
way. As usual with an FZJ80 - when I called Toyota about a replacement
pipes they could not find a part number or give me a price, so I decided to
do the easy/quicker option and cut the pipes and bypass the rear section
with 1/2" Hosepipe. I don't know if the HDJ80 is the same, but imagine it's
pretty similar.
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