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Coolant - Red V's Green



Was down in Addis Abba "Toyota" getting some filters. I put that in "
" because you never know what is real in Africa - despite what signs
they have on the door.
I had a chat with the head mechanic re coolant.
They use the green coolant down here in all the UN Cruisers. As
opposed to the "Toyota Red".
I asked if he had any Toyota Red but tghey didn't - but that it was
available down the road in a shop that sells toyota (and other) parts
- strange.
He said that if necessary it was OK to top up the red with water, but
on no account mix the red and the green.
He said thet they get better cooling from the green as opposed to the
red. But agreed that the red had anti corrosion properties that the
green didn't.
Strange that they use the green eh but Interesting none the less.
I'll be sticking with the red.