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Cylinder Head Service

BRE Fabrications LTD

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May 15, 2010
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Hey Guys,

So I'm starting to plan some PM for my 80. One of the main items i'd like to get done is to replace the headgasket and the infamous PHH. So here comes my question, seeing as i'm going to be pulling the head off i figure i may as well have the head looked at (serviced, cleaned, skimmed etc...). Any recommendations for a good place to have this done? (i'm based in london, but dont mind sending it off).

Also any suggestions as to where i could send my injectors to be serviced and cleaned would be appreciated too.

Last point, what are your thoughts on gas flowing the head? Might consider this if it's worthwhile (ie: increasing efficiency). I have read a bit on mud about it as well as the South African forums, but seems to be a bit inconclusive. I'm really looking to get the motor working as optimally as it can. Not on a quest for loads more power or anything like that and reliability is my main concern.