Deflector thingy

Ecky Thump

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Mar 4, 2010
Reigate, Surrey
Some of you may have spotted the thing that came on the bonnet of the wife's new 80.
At first she liked it but after a while she wanted rid of it.....go figure :doh:

So I took it off with the intention of e-baying or similar. But first I thought i'd have a shufty at what it looked like on mine.
Now personal opinion is they do look a bit naff but I was wondering if there was any benefits to having one on there :?:


Well here are my findings after a couple of weeks;

1, When it is raining hard and i'm doing a decent speed (30 and over) I only have to have my wipers on fast intermittent :thumbup:
2, When hitting large muddy puddles at speed on the plain, I can actually still see where i'm going :thumbup:
3, When I use my windscreen sprayers they blast a fine mist all over the screen now meaning I use less fluid :thumbup:
4, It still looks Naff whichever way you look at it :thumbdown:

Result, I will be leaving it on there regardless of the looks :clap:
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