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Desert Trailer - -Saudi style

rob rule

Feb 23, 2011
After you have fallen off your chair - dont you agree that there are some intriguing concepts here.....
I have to say it's interesting. Not sure it would go down too well in the horizontal rain of darkest Dorset though as it does seem to have rather a lot of ventilation.

Joking aside, I guess the gaps could easily be filled with some sort of tent material that could fold out with it.

The thing is, once you go down that road you approach something rather like @Shayne 's Little House on the Prairie.

Hey my little house on the prairie is more civilized than that , well we don't sit on the floor anyway :lol:
That's rather what I thought Shayne, it looks like a distant relative to yours though.
Same principal Rich and it gives fair indication of how much living space i have in my trailer , if you like sitting cross legged on the floor the Saudi version solves the lack of storage space as well but hey when i take the trailer i have an empty truck so its a compromise that works for me .
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