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Designed by committee???



This is a bit OT for a TLC forum, but I have just replaced the pads and
disks on my wife's Volvo V40 and was slighty surprised to find
differences in bolt sizes on the calipers and calliper mounting
The mounting brackets that attach to the axle/suspension and that the
pads sit on use larger bolts (bigger diameter bolt and bigger head) at
the back than the front.
Conversely the bolts that hold the calliper to the above used larger
bolts at the front than the back.
Under normal circumstances I would have expected larger bolts at the
front than the back, rather than the mix and match that I found.
It just pissed me off a bit having to go back and forth grabbing extra
spanners and sockets from the workshop.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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