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diesel pump(injection pump)



Hi guys
here is something I've got from Toyota:
though it is not the final decision they mean,being in contact with the importer of Toyota Norway, that the problem occurred also in France(the land of Reno) and the reason is the dieselpump-as they use to call the injection pump.
it is not confirmed yet nor either the solution so I'm still waiting further comments from them and from you.
Actually the topic should 've been not 'cold start' but something else because the problem occurs even with
cool engine-something between 1 and 2 hours and then is even worst than cold start and pull away.Maybe I shall say that the problem is NOT to start the car-it just start like Landcruiser :))))))))))
the problem occurs only the first let say 10-20 meters while I try to drive away from the parking or whatever...
Sorry if I can't express myself well-English is not an easy task for someone grown up in Communist country
where 'Beatles' was forbidden to hear....
'96 HDJ80