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Diesel quality etc repair logbook etc



RE: veg oil. Sorry but I can't enter that debate as I am not in UK and up
with what is going-on there. Though may take a look when home in
August. But from my experience on biofuels, I would only happily put
correctly manufactured diester in my tank. If I remember, about 8 years ago
Reading city council had an extensive trial of it in their buses. Nice pong
of chipshop when they passed !
As for the inlet manifold, if the man needs a handful then why not buy the
parts from Toy. Your local friendly Toy dealer will supply as long as you
give him the right catalogue number for him to enter his computer system.
As probably unknown to him, he has all the part numbers on his CD set.
Tell him catalogue 791340 in the 'general area'
Frame number HZJ80 - 0012761
Engine number 0066118
All my numbers - and his system will come-up with the engine.
He may at first insist he needs a VIN as all UK supplied cars had them, but
tell him to put those numbers in and he will get the part number for the
manifold. Toy are obliged to supply them to him, though you may have to pay
full cost up front. It might take 2 weeks to get them.
Repair logbook - continued.
To update you on this, my man did the following with this week for 80 quid
in labour.
Cambelt, new belt tensioner, front axle pivot seal, axle seal, re-pack
bearing (all on one side), 2 new front brake flex hoses, clean front
caliper pistons, new centre muffler and tailpipe, new handbrake cable, pull
off and inspect rear drums and wheel cylinders, adjust brake shoes, weld a
patch on a crack in the driver's floorpan.
The crack is a common failing on the 80 when it is used in very rough
conditions, a tad too much body flexing in sympathy with the chassis
despite the standard body mounts.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia