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Once seen - never forgotten. Tis true, I don't see many 80s on the roads either these days (they're probably all off-roading ['greenlaning']), and the ones that look from the front like an 80 are more often then not a surf, or something like that.
Their diffs work, mine doesn't, but then I guess I've been stuck in the mud without being able to move any revolutions at all...so it won't engage anyway.
There are a couple of 80s that are standing at a garage near me but I aint paying =A311,000 for a blue or a green 'P' Reg 80 - pity though, as they are very nice...I've seen them being rolled off those car transporter trucks - and I've also watched them have their batteries charged...as the cars have been standing around at some depot or other, neglected. Shame really, some arrive in good nick some less so - its a Jap import centre just down the road from where I live. Some look a tadge dodgy, but then, I'm no expert.

to be honest ive been secretly admiring them ever since i went to dubai in 2001
and went in one over the dunes.. effortlessly too.
although it broke down cos the guy couldnt get any drive in it, and said there
wasnt enough pressure or something?
being very new to this i took his word but hadnt a clue what he was on about.
one thing i have noticed
you dont see many 80's about.
plenty of colorados and the occasional amazon but not many 80's
but when i do see one i do crane my neck to have a better look, albeit at the
detriment to road safety ;)
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there is
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