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DIN sockets



if you have a duel battery setup using either a split charger or manual
switch (my dodgy luca split charge solenoid died in zim so i replaced it
with a manual switch) you can splice 2mm (i use 2mm copper core due to the
distance the cables have to run, up to 4m, and the large current draws)
cables directly to hella sockets and then bury the sockets wherever you want
in your vehicle. these then provide you with constant power for accessories
that need to be independent of the car's electrics such as spotlights and
exterior working lights plus you don't have to rewire all your accessories
for the din sockets.
currently i have three hella accessory sockets feeding off my accessories
battery: a gps on the dash; a fridge behind the drivers seat and a third
next to the rear door for running things like my drill or compressor; plus
my spots and worklamp.
if you only have the starter battery you could still hardwire some cables to
the battery as long as you use sufficient inline fuses (black with lids and
with orange wire attached both sides). woolston garage in warwickshire sold
me a hand full before i left and they have proved to be very hardy.
caveat: using your starter battery for things that remain all the time
requires a lot of careful thought and planning to make sure you don't end up
with a flat starter battery one morning when you wake up in the boonies!
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