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Din Sockets



Hi guys
I have been in toutch with a place called sail GB about the din sockets and
they have told me they cant help at all and futher more if I was to run a
small fridge, dvd player and camera detector from the one battery it has a
good chance of causing a fire in the vehicle. I was trying to enquire about
the three way din with an amp output of I think 16amps. Im getting a little
confused here about power drain versas fire versas amps etc.
I thought that all things in a one battery vehicle car are run off that one
battery and with out having the odd fire so whats the story on this.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT ireland


John Byrne a ?crit :
If you use big enough cables for the required power, fuse the line
accordingly, and make strong clean connections nothing will burn. The
worst that can happen is draining the batteries out.