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Dome light



I can't understand why the front cabin domelight festoon lamp is 31mm and
the rear cargo space lamp is a far more readily available 43mm on my 80.
Trying to get a 10watt 31mm is all but impossible out here. Plenty of 5
watt lamps but a match is brighter.
So after getting thoroughly fed-up trying to find a new lamp I gave
up. Cos I remember that for several years on the 80scool list many have
applauded the LED replacement lamp made by 80 owner George Scolaro in San
So I got on to George and he sent me one on a Paypal deal.
Its amazing that he can make such a small circuit board about an inch
square with no less than 13 components on it. All I had to do was remove
the small heat shield that goes under the usual lamp and pop the circuit
board into the lamp terminal clips.The result is amazing. It certainly
seems a lot brighter than the original 10 watt lamp, it is a kind of cold
bright white output, but so much better.
For USD29.15 its not bad after all I have been through trying to get a
'proper' lamp. A small Christmas treat for me, and Tania much appreciates
it too- something to do with make-up application !
George is a very approachable fellow and engages in some banter on the
email, and his service for postage is quicker than my mail from UK.
If anyone is interested then look here --
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where today the Tigers vs Wasps match
was the highlight of my weekend.


Thanks for that, I had been trying to remember where they came from.
Dermot Allen
'97 1HD-FT
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