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Door parts help please



Again, for those who think me rude with my tardy response. My current
mail problems meant that Julian did contact me off-list about this,
as well as immediately post to the list. So his help was not ignored,
thanks again Julian.
For those interested, toy don't sell hinge pins and bushes as
separate items. The whole hinge is available at 68 plus VAT. So I
salvaged the old bushes and made a new pin from an 8mm bolt - head
flats removed but leaving the top end of the pin slightly plug shaped
and then burred with a chisel to grip in the top hinge jaw. The pins
appear to be a common part with other door hinges which got me
thinking that this may be a problem for others in time.
It concerns me that these hinges are exposed at the back of the truck
and are subject to seizure especially as toy do not drill an oiling
hole in the pivoting part (the door side of the assembly). My Pajero
has such holes and I am sure other trucks have them too. (As the pin
is bushed, there is a small gap around it between the bushes where
lubricant can dwell). So naturally before assembly I drilled such a
hole. Allowing for the bronze bushes inserted in the pivot, I drilled
it as high as I dare to allow as much oil to penetrate as possible
and be retained in there when it comes to its first oiling. I
assembled the pivot part of the hinge with copper brake grease which
should keep it swinging easily for a year or two. But I am going to
take more care with those hinges in future, even though I have been
regularly oiling them since 2001. This may only apply to my 80 as the
only one on the list with troopie back doors, but I think the 70
owners have the same arrangement and not a tailgate. Go check !
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus