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Dream custom bumper?



In previous posts I have seen discussions about problems finding a custom
bumper and tow hitch for the Land Cruiser. I am not in the market for one at
the moment but have a client that makes bumpers etc for a number of
applications. AA, ambulances etc. He has a Landrover (*gargle*) that he
makes bits for. He said if there were enough takers and someone willing to
be "Guinea Pig" he would enjoy doing a CAD design and fabricating bumpers
for the LC. As I am not in the market for one just yet I am just gauging
interest for him and putting together a "wish list", coupled with the fact
that I don't have much experience I will probably introduce one of you guys
to take the lead.
So what would you look for in an ideal front bumper and rear bumper? Winch
mount? Anti slip coating? Jerry Can holder? Spare wheel holder ? Spade
holder? Tow ball ? Jack holder? Thickness of material used?. I am sure they
can do rock sliders as well.
We don't really want to reinvent the wheel so if there is something
cheap/accessible already out there then this is a fruitless exercise for all
parties. I was just going by the what has been said in previous posts.
BTW I am not looking to setup an enterprise! Just trying to help anyone
interested. I have no vested interests whatsoever!
Anjam Sohail
This topic comes around from time to time. I have also seen people
expressing problems finding a fabricator for bumpers, sliders etc. Since
the list was started several names have been circulated.
Clive Marks very kindly suggested a fabricator ( Mark Townsend ) based
in Exeter who had made a bumper for him. I followed his lead and Mark
made me a low profile winch bumper for my 80 and an excellent bumper it
is. It is similar to the Slee product but I specified that the central
hoop should be a bolt on fitting not welded on. John Byrne has some
photos of it.
Mark will make whatever anyone wants.
Devon is of course a long way from a lot of the UK and thus would not
suit all people.
With regard to drawings the main caveat is that what will fit an 80
series will not fit a 100 series and vice versa.
Basic designs - These can all be variants of the ARB and Slee products.
Have a look at the Slee site they have a big selection of body
protection equipment for the 80 and 100 series. Importation to the UK is
costly due to taxes and shipping charges but it is good kit, one of
listers has some on his 80 - mudtoys?
I am not aware of any on line drawings for front or rear bumpers
(possibly on IHMUD?), however on George's site, see link at end of post,
there is a set of plans for rock sliders for the 80 series.
Having regard to details such as spare wheel carriers etc, it is a
matter of personal preference, the more you add - the more it weighs.
Rear towing points should be removable using a receiver socket, the
last thing you want is a tow hitch acting as a plough. Use a Nato hitch
off road plugged into the reciever.
One crucial point to consider is the finish of any product.
POWDER COATING - avoid like the plague. This will damage and allow
water under by capilliary action. Eventually it lifts off in big
sections. The best option is galvanising with conventional paint on top.
Durable and easily "touched up".
LINKS - Bumpers/skid plates - Slee's
bumpers are best. Plans for 80 series
Regards Gareth Jones. 1-hdft '97. Newport S.Wales.