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Dunkerque ferry



Apologies for going back to this topic.
But my arrival at the Bustard Inn with my 80 at lunch on Sunday was
evidence that I brought it back into UK last week as recommended by
Clive on Norfolkline.
So, first off, Clive I am sorry that when chatting to you I did not
thank you for your good advice on this ultra-cheap ferry service. You
omitted to mention that the ships are so new, well designed, and
fitted-out. It was like travelling in a good quality modern hotel -
complete with curving glass staircase and beautiful panoramic glass
walls in the lounge with nice views of the shipping etc. OK, I know I
live on a boat in UK but its not just my own enthusiasm for all
things nautical, its just a different and pleasant experience with
this ferry - P&O tramp ferry it certainly was not. The loading
system at Dunkerque is also so much more civilised that at Calais
with the whole operation dedicated to the one company and just one
ship to load at a time. Its Norfolkline for me every time from now on
even if there are just 4 sailings a day at 19 quid for an 80, the
more prolific though more expensive 29 quid tickets are well worth it too.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - Julian, were there no digests for 2nd & 3rd ?


Thanks for this. It is nice to know someone has now confirmed the
information. As you rightfully point out the =A329 tickets are also
worth the money. The ports of Calais and Dunkerque are so close that
it makes very little difference to the journey whichever way you are
leaving the port.
Regards, Clive.