ELCO Here is my LC200 repport



Hello the guys, here is my repport on the big new LC. I had an english
friend help me right it so you guys dont have all my stupide english
writing errors.
I spent a few hours today at the wheel of the new Toyota Land Cruiser,
with a Euro version 4.5 liter V8 diesel.
It's got 286 hp, gut-whumping torque, a 6-speed automatic, and gets
over 15mpg even when driven very hard. I saw an easy 125mph indicated
and there was more if I wanted it. I should have reset the fuel
mileage average to get a more realistic measure of consumption, but I
was too busy grinning the pushing on the happy pedal.
Start her up ... where's the diesel clatter? There's almost none even
cold. You have to roll down the windows and prick up your ears to hear
any diesel audio. Otherwise, it's just that vroomy V8 sound that all
us motorheads grew up loving and aspiring for.
There's no need to mash the pedal. The strong V8 pull is right there
on light and medium throttle. The only turd in the punch bowl is
considerable turbo lag off idle. Us ole-time turbo guys know how to
deal with that; anticipation and left-foot braking.
The electronic piloted suspension actually makes easily discernible
differences between comfort, standard, and sport. Comfort is cool for
around town, standard is good all-around, and sport is for when your
right foot feels excessive gravitational pull. That guy on TopGear TV
must not have had the piloted suspension on his test car, because the
one I drove handled very well when in "sport" mode.
As for the 4x4 system, I didn't get a chance to try it much. The 18"
tires are clearly road-oriented. But one kewl feature is that you can
choose 4hi or 4lo without locking the center diff. Jockeying a trailer
around? Select 4lo, your unlocked center diff will let you turn
tightly with no driveline windup. You can lock the center diff in low
or high by a push button.
The vehicle includes a standard factory lift kit that only works under
25mph. Push de button to install the lift kit. It deinstalls itself if
you exceed 25mph.
After my long test drive, I think of this new LC as a more reliable
Tourareg with a little less power but a lot more usable space. We also
have a Tourareg V10 in our group of friends and the new Toy has every
advantage over it except raw acceleration. The Toy boot must be 50%
bigger than the Tourareg's.
Salut Benoit,
I cleaned up some of your grammar etc but overall you're getting a lot
better. I also converted metric to miles for the ELCO audience. See
you samedi for 4x4 ! Remember it's 15=80 each for the cochon de lait.
Ceferino Lamb
Euroricain 4x4 guy for Jesus
"Georgia, Georgia,
Bend over, Putin's comin' for ya."


On 22 Aug 2008, at 12:16, Benoit Bernard wrote:
Hi Benoit,
I've been away for a few days, so just catching up.
Thanks for the opinion on the new Landcruiser, it's interesting to read.
As for your english, it's better than my French... :)
Neill Watson


Good review!
Sounds pretty ordinary really....
floor with a 200....
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