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Engine Flush etc



Hi Guys
Sorry about the misunderstanding about what I said.
Ill try to carify what I meant I hope.
When I said oil, I mean oil in the whole sense of the work including what ever package this oil includes, not just oil without the extras.
Its the extras that set the various oils apart from each other.
Even oils that come out of the ground are not the same.
Depending on the region where it is extracted it will vary in the quality quite a bit.
The oil package and the base stock used will detirmine the quality of the oil at the consumer level.
Synth oil will clean the engine over time that is why there is a cautionary note before one changes from Dino to Synth.
Synth will break up deposits of carbon and varnish over time and leave your engine cleaner inside only mind you.
It is this issue I was refering to when I said to flush or not to flush.
If you flush it will clean the deposits quickly and if you dont flush the cleaning process will be gradual.
But a flush may or may not be the right thing to do.
Why, well if there are a lot of deposits in the engine and you release them into the oil you run the risk of too much deposits too soon.
Most people flush just before they are about to change their oil because the oil is wothless after a flush.
So the oil in the sump is already at its end life and then the flush will release more contaminents into it.
This could cause problems with oil ports becoming blocked.
Its rare from what I understand but the risk is still there.
If you dont flush your oil will be contaminated from deposits for longer.

Oil does more than just lubricate, it also helps to reduce heat from the engine, it catches various contaminents and keeps them in suspension.
It also should reduce the amount of soot build up.
A good oil will take longer to break down because of its ability to resist termal breakdown at higher temps.
It should also be able to resist the effects of these contaminents for longer.
All oils will lubricate but they must do much more to help protect your engine.
Oils must resist forces trying to tear it apart at the molecular level,
heat it to a point where its worthless,
and contaminate it untill its of no use.
The better the oil the better it resists this onslaught.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
With all due respect this statement is incorrect - oil will not clean your engine it will only lubricate it, and the amount/quality of the lubricity is dependent on the quality of the oil and additive package in the oil. The oil will not neutralise crankcase acids, infact it will be contaminated by them and will start to be broken down, much more quickly.