ERG warning light

Ross Cambourn

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Nov 24, 2020
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Hello! Bought my 2013 Land Cruiser 200 series V8 diesel from Port Stephens Toyota about 6 mths ago! He has only 100kkms on the clock & is in very good condition! As it turns out (& I didn’t realise) he has a non standard exhaust system! This has caused the ERG (exhaust gas sensor?) warning light to come on about 6 times now & was checked out/cleaned & reset under warranty! Very good! Last week on a van trip the light came on again & we were advised to go to Taree Toyota! They reset it & now claim it was a different code - Tubo boost!? This apparently is not covered by warranty- I find this hard to believe! Has anyone had a problem with this ERG warning light & wld anyone know wot might be causing it! New turbo costs $6000! Not going there! Can the beast be chipped or remapped to suit new exhaust ie. fuel mixture, timing etc by diesel expert! Please let me know - regards Ross 0403 508282