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Evening . . .

Mar 6, 2010
I'm John, and I live in Norfolk in a hamlet between Norwich and Fakenham. I bought my 1994 swb 70 series KZT in 2003 with 74,000 miles on it, and it is the most reliable, most versatile vehicle I've ever owned (and I'm 61, so I've owned quite a few). It now has 124,000 on the clock, has never let me down, and has never failed the MOT since I've owned it. The engine is the 3 litre KZJ turbo diesel with about 125bhp and 220 lb/ft.

We've towed a caravan with it many times, but sold the 'van last year as we weren't using it enough (or at all, in fact). Our most memorable towing trip was in 1994 when we hauled the Elddis down to northern Spain. The 70 was an excellent tow vehicle, happily hauling the one ton 'van along at 85mph on the French motorways. We crossed the Pyrenees via the Roncesvalles pass on the way back, and that was a real test of a tow truck.

I take it offroad whenever the opportunity comes up. This last winter we had snow on the ground for two months here, and there were days when the 70 was the only vehicle moving in our hamlet - we did the shopping for neighbours and gave people lifts, etc.

I'll post pics when I've worked out how to do it!
Welcome along, glad to hear you use the 70 as it was intended
Welcome to the forum John.

Glad you have been enjoying the snow

Just a guess - this johnmcc of difflockshire?

Welcome aboard matey ;)