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Excess Engine Oil and PCV valve

Mick W

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Mar 2, 2020
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Had a new radiator installed by my local garage and while there had them replace the engine oil and filter. When I checked the oil it looked a little above the 'full' line on the dipstick but didn't think anymore about it. Next few times I've returned from a drive I notice a little stain where it dripped from what I think must be a release pipe (I can't trace the other end) and never had this previously. Yesterday I noticed some light blue smoke after I'd parked up and was idling. Is it possible any excess oil is being pushed out because the PCV valve is faulty and could overfilling the oil cause the PCV to fail or become stuck closed?


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I think though i'm not sure you will find the other end of that pipe under your oil filter and the drip might be just because they didn't clean the drip channel before refitting a filter . Check the filter is tight though .