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Excessive Oil use - 1FZ-FE


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Feb 23, 2022
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Hi Gents (Assuming no ladies?)
I have a '98 LC 105 with a 1FZ-FE 4500 EFI motor. Engine has done 380 000kms (236 000miles).
I am burning through a litre per 1500kms or around a pint per fill up.
Motor is a little flat compared to my previous 105 with similar mileage (but with a valve job done).
Tailpipe smokes at parking speeds after start and is then fine.

So, my intuition is that, at the very least, the valve stem seals need replacing. Perhaps the seats could be reseated as well.
My question is: what is the likelihood that I will need to replace the rings? I guess a compression test is needed but will that tell me rings and/or valve stem seals?

Any advice or previous experiences will be appreciated



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Forgot to mention that the motor has some decent oil leaks on top and on the bottom. This is the first thing I am going to repair or replace before considering any ring job...
Is the oil definitely being burnt and not being lost due to the leaks?

That sort of oil consumption would be considered a good result on a modern Audi.... :)
Worn rings usually produces excessive smoke under power/load, plus smoke from the oil filler on tickover indicative of excessive blow-by. Smoke on overun is usually valve guides and/or seals as the vacuum in the cylinders draws oil into the cylinders but can be both rings and seals.
Thanks for the advice Gents. Compression test and replacement of gaskets and seals first. Then I can make a decision..